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Bespoke Shower Trays

Bespoke Shower Trays

Made to Measure Shower Trays

If a standard shower tray isn’t suitable for your bathroom installation Versital offers bespoke shower trays to your exact specifications.   All Versital shower trays are certified cat 2 anti-slip, being a safer slip resistant choice for your guests.

Bespoke shower trays are prices upon application. For a personalised quotation please fill in a quotation request

Waste Position, Shape and Dimensions

Versital bespoke shower trays are manufactured by hand in the UK to your exact requirements and specifications.  Every aspect of a bespoke shower tray can be specified, including the waste position and size, the shape of the tray and the dimensions.  We manufacture from specifications and also from template – whichever is most suitable for you. These can be supplied to us on MDF or paper/cardboard.

Problem Wetrooms or Shower Areas

Versital made to measure shower trays can solve many problems with wet rooms and large shower areas. Their bespoke nature means it will fit the required shower area precisely to the exact space and shape requirements. This can prove a cost effective solution with issues such as leaking wet rooms, broken seals or broken shower trays.  Bespoke shower trays can be installed in the problem area leaving the rest of the bathroom untouched – giving you considerable cost and time savings.

Bespoke Shower Tray Price Application

Large Shower Trays and Wetroom Areas – Up To 3 Meters Square!

Versital shower trays are available up to 50% lighter than other solid stone resin shower trays.  Large bespoke shower trays and floors are available up to 3 meter’s square in area.  Lighter trays are easier to install and more cost effective to transport.

Huge Range of Finishes Including Granite, Stone and Marble

Versital bespoke shower trays are available in the entire colour palette including numerous natural looking finishes.  White, cream and solid RAL colours are also available.

Sizes Available

Over 3 meters Square

Widths up to 2000mm

Lengths up to 3000mm

Tray thickness only 50mm at the edge boarder – slimmer on the base.

Priced Upon Application - Application Form

Made to measure shower trays are upon application as each one is unique.  Trade discounts are available. For a price query please fill in your details on our Bespoke shower tray application form.  If you have a drawing or specification of the tray it would also assist us in our quotation and can be attached to the form using the ‘attachments’ section.

Visit the full Versital site to find out more about Made to measure shower trays.